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Midwood Ambulance Introduces Asian American Ambulance,
First of Its Kind in New York

As a leading provider of medical transportation in Brooklyn, Midwood Ambulance has responded to a significant need in the Chinese community for ambulance services. Recently, Midwood Ambulance learned that many members of the Chinese community were afraid to call 911 for an ambulance because of a language and cultural gap. When calling 911, neither the dispatcher receiving the phone call, nor the paramedic or EMT on the ambulance, typically spoke Chinese. This has resulted in a large segment of the Chinese community of Brooklyn, many of whom are foreign-born, having only limited access to healthcare and not seeking medical attention in the event of an emergency. In order to quell the fears that many have in this growing community, and in an effort to ensure prompt medical attention, Midwood Ambulance has launched “Asian American Ambulance”, the first Chinese ambulance service in New York and possibly the nation.

Asian American Ambulance is a dedicated Midwood Ambulance fleet with “Asian American Ambulance” identified on the vehicles in both Chinese and English. Instead of calling “911”, the caller dials 718-530-9911 which is a dedicated emergency phone number that goes directly to the Asian American Ambulance dispatch center at Midwood Ambulance. The phone number is also emblazoned on the vehicles. The Asian American Ambulance service includes Chinese-speaking dispatchers, paramedics and EMT’s for a high quality customer service response for Chinese-speaking callers.

Midwood Ambulance has been proud to serve the Brooklyn community for more than 60 years. We appreciate the opportunity to further support our Chinese-speaking neighbors and look forward to participating in their quest for good health and better access to healthcare. Our ambulances are available 24/7 for emergency transport from home, physician office, hospital or anywhere else. Midwood Ambulance is also pleased to provide members of the Chinese-speaking community with additional support including CPR training for seniors along with recruitment of Asian youth to potentially join Midwood Ambulance as EMT’s with training in Midwood’s EMT class.

For more information about the Asian American Ambulance program, please call Alonzo Rapisarda, II or Sisi Yam, Director of Patient Services at 718-645-1000.


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