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History Of Midwood Ambulance

The Early Days... Midwood Ambulance was launched on April 9, 1956 when Benny Rapisarda, who had worked part-time for an ambulance business, started the company out of his home after purchasing his first ambulance. He added an extra phone line in his house and he or his wife Frances either answered the phone or had a phone service pick up if no one was home. 

Continued Growth... Eventually, Midwood Ambulance and Oxygen Service Co. grew and moved to a storefront on 1068 Coney Island Avenue and then to 1794 Coney Island Avenue. As Medicare and Medicaid began in 1966 and the New York State Department of Health became an overseer, Midwood Ambulance grew and then when Emergency Medical Service (EMS) became recognized and regulated as an important part of everyday life, Midwood Ambulance, with years of experience at that time, stepped in to elevate the profession to a new level of service.

Major Expansion... With a major expansion and renovation in 1991 and the advent of computerized dispatch, Midwood Ambulance continued to grow and flourish as more Rapisarda family members became involved in the family business.

More Recently... On July 9, 2006, Midwood Ambulance purchased their newest building at 2593 West 13th Street where the company has over 45,000 square-feet to house more than 65 ambulances. The new facility offers a highly advanced state-of-the-art computer dispatching system, call-intake system, car wash, staff training center and technology that’s called “futuristic” by some.  With nine family members involved in the Midwood Ambulance business spanning three generations of the Rapisarda family, we are tremendously proud of our growth, reputation and level of patient care.

Benny Rapisarda’s First Ambulance


Early 80’s

Mid 80’s

Early 90’s

Mid 90’s



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