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Customer Testimonials

I would like to commend the two gentlemen who transported my mother from the hospital to the nursing home. They were so professional and extremely courteous and also gentle as they shifted mom from bed to gurney and then back to bed again. While waiting for the staff to prepare her room they showed mom the lounge and let her even look out the window a bit instead of just sitting in the hallway. If I was able to give out a medal for valor I would certainly give it to these Midwood Ambulance EMT's. Wonderful guys indeed! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I'm writing to acknowledge the two teams from Midwood Ambulance that made a huge positive difference in my mom's life. All the gentlemen were very caring and kind, and both my mom and I are very grateful!

It is with great pleasure and appreciation that I am writing this letter on behalf of several of your Midwood Ambulance professionals. I highly commend them for their acts of kindness, professionalism and assistance. In addition to endlessly thanking them, I would like to thank you for discovering their knowledge, wisdom, strength and caring attitude toward others, and hiring them. Their actions prove how much they care about the common good, and how much compassion they have toward others regardless of the nature of their problem. These individuals are not only great assets to your company, but also to health care and society in general. Again, thanks to all of you. Best wishes in the years to come!

I am writing this letter in regards to the outstanding job that your employees recently performed. I contacted Midwood Ambulance requesting transportation for my mother because her feeding tube came out following a high fever. I was nervous but your professionals encouraged us to calm down because they were going to take good care of my mom. They were very professional, compassionate and caring. They treated my mom as a human being and not just as a sick individual. So many times in the past I have met individuals from companies other than yours that hire people who should not have the title of EMT. I just want you to know that your Midwood Ambulance EMTs performed their duties in an outstanding manner and were professional at all times. These persons were really outstanding and I wanted you to be aware of them. Thank you.

I wanted to commend your workers for transporting my mother-in-law to and from the hospital. The staff who brought her to the hospital, as well as the staff who brought her back to the nursing home, were very helpful.

I am writing about your paramedic who handled my mother's call last week. He and his partner were very professional and, more than that, caring and compassionate. His regard for me as a family member was exceptional. He took the time to explain each and every step and treated me as caring as he did my mother. Your paramedics should be commended and so should Midwood Ambulance for hiring such great staff. By the way, my mother survived and is now back playing bingo and enjoying life, thanks to you.

This is a letter of thanks and recognition regarding one of your Midwood Ambulance professionals who just happened to be on the BQE when my son had an accident. Although he was not on duty, your employee stopped to help my son, stayed with my son until all was said and done, and even called us later to reassure us and let us know that our son was okay and was being taken to the hospital. He was very reassuring and calm for all of us from beginning to end. I work in health care and come up against burn out and jadedness every day. I don't know how long your employee has been in the field but he certainly knows how to deal with families in an emergency situation. My husband and I cannot thank Midwood Ambulance enough and keep you in our thoughts and prayers.

I am writing to commend you on the professionalism and caring of a team of young men from Midwood Ambulance who transported me home from the hospital. They were organized, respectful, thorough and caring. To say the least, they showed compassion, patience and understanding. They seeded to have known my pain. We need more young men like them. I'm not looking forward to every having to use ambulance services any time soon, but if the need arises, you can rest assured that it will be MIDWOOD that I will request and I will also recommend to my friends and family. It was a pleasure.

Thank you very much for your excellent and prompt service. Also, I want to tell you that your EMTs were "the best" when we were in need of ambulance transportation.

It is clear from my association with several members of your staff that Midwood Ambulance stands for excellence, skill and professionalism as well as quality patient and family care. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I want to thank you for providing such wonderful services. Please rest assured that if I am in need of ambulance services in the future I will utilize Midwood Ambulance.

I want to convey what an exemplary job your EMT’s did when transporting my aunt. Not only were they caring, but they were hands-on at all times, making sure she was comfortable and assuring her that they were there for her. The EMT’s are a credit to our borough and to Midwood Ambulance Service for doing such a superb and excellent job.

I have used a few different ambulance services and I must tell you that your ambulance service and EMTs are THE BEST. The EMTs exhibited professionalism, courtesy, compassion, competence and caring. Thanks again for your service to the community.

Your EMTs have been of great help to my mother. Their caring and kind assurance to my mother is a credit to their work ethic. They have shown compassion, consideration and respect to an elderly woman. You are fortunate to have such dedicated employees.

I was so frightened and both these great human beings took the time to calm me down and talk to me... I felt as if I was with family. I did not know that people like this were around. They really do a great job.

Words can’t express our gratitude for your wonderful patience and concern in helping with my husband. Without you, we never would have been able to get to my grandson’s christening. Believe me, you made this day! The wonderful part is that you weren’t just doing your job, you actually cared. Your attendants were fantastic. It’s great to see such compassion in such young men -- May God bless all of you -- you made our family very, very happy. Thanks again for all your help.

For the past month Midwood has been providing services needed for me to get to and from the hospital for my treatment. From the first day all the people have been helpful. They are always on time, cheerful and a pleasure to deal with. They are always sensitive and caring and constantly provide whatever assistance I need to make the trip as nice as possible. It is nice to know that as healthcare in general gets more de-personalized, there are still companies with employees like your to rely on. Thank you with my deepest appreciation.

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