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Welcome To Midwood Ambulance!

Midwood Ambulance: A respected leader in specialized medical care and emergency transportation since 1956. Started by Benny Rapisarda out of his home with one ambulance, Midwood Ambulance is proud to have set the standards by which ambulance services have been measured since we opened 60 years ago. We are now the oldest private, family-owned medical transportation business in Brooklyn and one of the oldest and largest in New York City.

Our success and growth are due to a family commitment to ensure the well-being of each and every patient we transport every day, infusing our family-oriented approach into all aspects of business.

We recognize that many of our patients and their families will be dealing with us during the most difficult time in their lives. Whether you are a medical facility serving the community or a member of the community, we appreciate your trust and confidence in us. Remember: You have a choice when selecting ambulance transportation.

At any time during any day, a family member is on duty at our new operations center. With this in mind, callers will have the assurance of knowing that our family will take care of yours and we are always available to provide the most efficient, personalized service as possible.

If you need ambulance service, please call Dispatch at 718-645-1000. To speak with our Administration or Billing departments, please call 718-645-8500 or Click Here to email us with any questions or comments.

For integrity, reliability and compassion… you can count on Midwood Ambulance!

The Rapisarda Family